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Hey there, I’m Esta McIntyre…

Top-rated health and lifestyle coach, author of the best-selling book ‘Fitness for Women Who Love to Eat and Hate to Move,’ and creator of the life-lifting and performance-boosting virtual mentorship and community, ‘Aging With Power: Live Better, Perform Better, & Flourish After 50.’

At 67 years young, I've never felt more alive:

And there are dozens of bold and ambitious women like you who feel the same thanks to my guidance. That’s because the entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, and achievers I work with refuse to accept chronic aches and pains, prescription drugs, walk-in bathtubs, saggy skin, and a boring or dependent lifestyle as their future.

While others are expecting osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease, the women in my ‘Aging With Power’ community are living like they’re in their 30s and 40s again, accomplishing more, and flourishing like never before.

We’re defying age—and you can too!

Let’s Talk About You

  • Are you apprehensive about aging? Worried about losing your edge, energy, or enthusiasm?

  • Feeling self-conscious? Maybe your wardrobe worries you, your skin feels saggy or loose, and your confidence is all but gone.

  • Are you stressed out or worried? Perhaps you’re fearing the future instead of looking forward to it.

  • Do you go through the motions or ever feel invisible? That’s what happens if you allow "Father Time" to control your destiny like most women do.

  • Are you overweight or underactive? Conventional exercise and basic nutrition advice may not be the answer for somebody as ambitious as you.

What Sets My ‘Aging With Power’ Community & Mentorship Apart

  • It’s tailored to you: Find your personalized path to looking, living, and performing your best at any age.

  • Get active, inspired, and excited: I blend wit, science and support to turn the challenges of aging into your greatest achievements.

  • Find confidence now you wish you had then: Did you know confidence is linked to your health, happiness, and longevity?

  • Wake up with as much energy as women half your age: The right food, fuel, and habits can help you feel ageless.

  • Stay sharp, in shape, and youthful: Feel powerful, strong, and ready for anything—at any age.

  • Join a welcoming community where you belong: We lift eachother up, share the same interests and issues, and have meaningful and impactful conversations.

  • Access an all-star team of experts: From medical professionals and holistic healers to award-winning financial advisors and life coaches you’d never find on your own.

Imagine being introduced to a vibrant, physically fit, mentally sharp woman with a long list of achievements and a “glow” about her that radiates her success, confidence, and joy in living… then imagine discovering she’s years, if not decades, older than she may seem.

That woman could, should, and can be you.

Together, let’s break the rules of aging and make your later years your best years

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